How does the program work?

Faith Academy

Each semester there are weekly work assignments that the student must complete. This requires that the student pick up new work and turn in the past assignments each week. Example: Week 1 is due week 2; Week 2 is due week 3, etc.

A student at Faith Academy will come in each week and pick up their weekly assignments and drop off the previous week's work. There are midterms about every six weeks that must be taken at the school campus. There is also a final exam at the end of the semester for each course taken. The finals must be taken on the school campus. There is a science lab required for each science course taken which necessitates the student to come into the school for a group lab.

How can parents/students keep track of their progress?

Parents and students can keep track of their progress with our weekly emailed progress reports.


Faith Academy

Faith Academy is on a semester system. There is a Fall and a Spring semester. Each semester consists of approximately 19 weeks. A student may take up to eight subjects to earn up to 4 units of credits for each semester. A student may not earn more than four credits in any semester. Faith Academy also offers a summer school that is only six weeks long. A student may take four subjects and earn two credits during a summer semester.

Entrance Requirements
(for full time students)

    1. Grades 9 -12

    2. Withdrawal form from previous high school

    3. Parent's or Guardian's permission
    (if under age 18)

    4. Official transcript

    5. Immunization record

    6. Signed application form