How does the program work?

Faith Academy

A student at Faith Academy will receive weekly assignments via the Virtual Classroom. The student will come into the campus once a week to submit their completed assignments. There are midterms about every six weeks that must be taken at the school campus. There is also a final exam at the end of the semester for each course taken. The finals must be taken on the school campus. There is a science lab required for each science course taken which necessitates the student to come into the school for a group lab.

How can parents/students keep track of their progress?

Parents and students can keep track of their progress with our weekly emailed progress reports.


Faith Academy

Faith Academy is on a semester system. There is a Fall and a Spring semester. Each semester consists of approximately 19 weeks. A student may take up to eight courses to earn up to 4 units of credits for each semester. A student may not earn more than four credits in any semester. Faith Academy also offers a six-week summer school program. A student may take four courses and earn two credits during a summer semester.

Entrance Requirements
(for full time students)

    1. Grades 9 -12

    2. Withdrawal form from previous high school

    3. Parent's or Guardian's permission
    (if under age 18)

    4. Official transcript

    5. Immunization record

    6. Signed application form