Academics and Requirements

  • Explanation of Program

    Faith Academy is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. Faith Academy is a school with a non-traditional approach to education. We have a "non-traditional" design for instruction. Our method of instruction involves a highly disciplinary approach and assists the student's ability to work independently. The students may receive tutorial or small group instruction. All instructors at Faith Academy are qualified and approved for their subject of instruction. The number of courses a student may take strictly follows the guidelines of the Georgia Board of Education. Diplomas from Faith Academy are accepted at colleges and technical schools.

    Each week the student will receive weekly assignments. The student will come into the campus once a week to submit their completed assignments. Every six weeks the student will take proctored exams on campus. Students are required to attend and complete science labs at the school. The student must complete weekly assignments, weekly discussion boards if applicable, six-week tests, and final exams to receive credit for the semester. If a student wants to transfer back to public school, they might be required by the public school to take an entrance exam.

    Please Note - Students wishing to enter the military should consult with a recruiter in the desired branch of service to determine high school requirements for the specific branch of service.
  • Qualifications for Enrollment

    Faith Academy is a high school with grades 9 - 12. Students entering under the age of 18 must have their parent's permission. Students must bring a transcript from the last school they attended and a copy of their immunization record.
  • Graduation Requirements

    All students graduating 2015 or later will need 23 units.
    English - 4 Units
    Math - 4 Units
    Science - 4 Units
    Social Studies - 3 Units
    Health/PE - 1 Units
    Computer/Fine Arts - 2 Units
    Foreign Language - 2 Units
    Electives - 4 Units

Transferring Credits

Faith Academy will award credit from transferring students upon the evaluation of the student's transcripts for course equivalency and/or a proficiency test and/or actual classroom performance to determine mastered skills. Equivalency credit shown on transcript.

Grading scale

Below is the grading scale we use for measuring students academic excellence.

90 - 100    A
80 - 89     B
74 - 79     C
70 - 73     D
Below 70    F

Courses Offered

  • English ( 8 classes)
    English I A
    English I B
    English II A
    English II B
    English III A American Lit/Comp
    English III B American Lit/Comp
    English IV A British Lit/Comp
    English IV B British Lit/Comp
  • History ( 7 classes)
    US History A
    US History B
    World History A
    World History B
  • Science ( 14 classes)
    Biology A
    Biology B
    Chemistry A
    Chemistry B
    Earth Systems A
    Earth Systems B
    Environmental Sci A
    Environmental Sci B
    Physics A
    Physics B
    Physical Science A
    Physical Science B
  • Math ( 12 classes)
    GSE Algebra I A
    GSE Algebra I B
    GSE Algebra II A
    GSE Algebra II B
    Math of Finance A
    Math of Finance B
    GSE Geometry A
    GSE Geometry B
    GSE Pre Calculus A
    GSE Pre Calculus B
    College Ready Math A
    College Ready Math B
  • Foreign Language ( 6 classes)
    Spanish I A
    Spanish I B
    Spanish II A
    Spanish II B
    French II A
    French II B
  • Electives ( 11 classes)
    Business Law
    Family Living
    Home Ec
    Intro Digital Technology
    Work Study*

    * Denotes courses not offered in summer school